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Our kegs are 19L. That serves roughly 60-70 glasses and can last upwards of 4 weeks.

Kombucha is a lightly effervescent, fermented tea. It’s fermentation creates a living bacteria called a “scoby” which acts as a probiotic and helps with digestion. It contains ALL natural ingredients like Raspberry + Thyme or Ginger + Lemon Myrtle and ends up tasting amazing.

Nitro Cold Brew is nitrogen infused black coffee. The nitrogen helps produce a “creamier” texture, similar to milk. What you’re left with is a delicious black coffee that has the texture and flavour of milk, but is 100% dairy free.

Nothing! We supply the taps free of charge. The only costs you incur are for a Nitro/Kombucha Keg

The unit is about the size of a bar fridge, and is easily transportable. The dimensions are:
60cm Wide

61cm Deep

89cm High

No plumbing required. Just a regular 10 amp plug and it’s ready to go.

We do. Once a keg is empty, we’ll send a new one to be sent over. 


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