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Incredible beverages brought to your office on tap.
Zero packaging, zero waste
Nofo Kegerator

Our fridges

We use sustainable beer industry infrastructure to make beverage consumption more environmentally sustainable by removing the need for plastic coffee pods, cans, bottles or other packaging. We believe it’s the little things that make the biggest difference in workplace culture. Nofo provides a product that empowers staff members to perform at their absolute peak and collaborate. Mimicking the Silicon Valley style offices, our units help create a pro-active and highly caffeinated environment.

Pouting Tap nofo

Our drinks

We have a range of different products which we have developed including Kombucha, Nitro Cold Brew, Sodas, Nitro Tea, Espresso Martinis & many more. By supplying offices with portable taps, we are at the forefront of building a market for the beverage industry.

what's the cost?

2+ kegs per week

$ 175 per keg + gst
  • try for 14 days
  • kegerator Incl.
  • regular line cleans Incl.
  • delivery Incl.

About nofo

Purveyors of caffeinated beverages. The first to put coffee on tap inside your home or office.

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